The concrete repairs Sydney and Cobblecrete Australia difference

Concrete repairs Sydney and Cobblecrete Australia originally formed its company around providing concrete repair services. We specialise in all types of concrete repairs from cracks to concrete cancer (spalling), structural repairs, concrete restoration and mortar repairs. One of the more scary instances of concrete cancer can potentially have devastating effects to building integrity particularly if the building resides within a high salinity environment.

Professional, courteous, affordable, experienced – Concrete Repairs in Sydney provided by Cobblecrete Australia for 30 years and still going strong

Cracks in concrete can leave the steel reinforcement exposed to the elements which effectively starts to rust. If you have a hairline crack right through to any major structural cracks, then Cobblecrete Australia and Concrete Repairs Sydney are certified in concrete crack repairs using an injection range of products that cures to an even stronger material than the original concrete. We repair all types of cracks in slabs, garages, driveways, kerbs and foundations. We utilise only premium products, hand picked to be the best performing in the market and with our 30 years of industry experience, you can be rest assured that your concrete repair project will be completed in an efficient manner to the highest quality standards. Our past clients included the residential and commercial sectors and also the real estate industry sector with strata and property managers.

Cobblecrete’s concrete repair services in Sydney provide the latest in concrete repair technology with products that cure to an even stronger material than the original concrete

Cobblecrete Australia are at the forefront of the concrete resurfacing industry, we utilise brand name machinery and brand name compounds, so you know that the end result will be of the absolute highest quality. To get a high quality finish it also boils down to how well your substrate is prepared. Cobblecrete Australia understands this and focuses all their energy in making sure that the concrete is properly repaired, prepared, washed, sealed, waterproofed and if need be implementing large-scale machinery and tools to prepare the floor for repair.

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