The custom architectural floors Sydney and Cobblecrete Australia difference

Custom architectural floors Sydney and Cobblecrete Australia are proud to announce we are specialists in applying a brand new designer floor for your premise in under 6mm of thickness, go over your existing tiles or concrete for a simply stunning finish. This product is designed and engineered in Italy (Milan) and can be used internally in public and industrial buildings, for levelling and smoothing new or existing concrete and ceramic substrates. It cures to a very hard and dense surface making it the go to flooring option for commercial premises such as hotels, schools, airports, shopping centres, retail outlets designed for heavy pedestrian use. Its extremeley versatile natures means that you can either leave the topping to cure as a finished floor or you could get creative and add your own special effects to make it a truly decorative option. Cobblecrete Australia are able to sand, seal and polish the topping giving it a beautiful polished concrete look, or you may opt to add engineered stones to the topping, decorative glass pieces and/or aggregates to give your designer floor that desirable commercial look making it a unique enhancement in your property.

So you’ve heard about its durability and ability to absolutely transform the space and atmosphere of any property? What about its ease of application and just how durable is a custom architectural floor by Cobblecrete Australia?

A custom architectural floor can be applied to almost any area, garages, living rooms, warehouse floors, showrooms, granny flats, industrial areas, shop floors, businesses, commercial areas, basically anywhere where there is foot traffic, vehicle traffic, forklifts, cars and trucks, a custom architectural floor is superior in its ability to also resist chemical spills and oil spills allowing very easy clean-up of the floor to its original condition. Its versatility makes it a go to product for interior decorators and clients wanting a unique, highly decorative floor in their properties.

Ok, so how does Cobblecrete Australia guarantee its services, what’s Cobblecrete Australia’s secret to custom architectural floors Sydney?

Its simple, Cobblecrete Australia are at the forefront of the concrete resurfacing industry, we utilise brand name machinery, brand names compounds, polishes and sealants, so you know that the end result will be of the absolute highest quality. To get a high quality, long lasting finish it also boils down to how well your substrate is prepared. Cobblecrete Australia understands this and focuses all their energy in making sure that the floor is properly repaired, prepared, washed and if need be implementing large-scale machinery and tools to prepare the floor for the topping.

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