non slip flooring

Durable and Seamless Anti-Slip Coatings

Slippery surfaces are the most common cause of accidental slips, trips and falls in the home and workplace. For businesses, these incidents can cost a fortune in personal injury claims and potential legal fees. Many slips and falls can be prevented with anti-slip coatings, which help improve grip wear and prolong the life of the non-slip flooring.

Cobblecrete Australia provides an exclusive range of anti-slip coatings for all types of concrete surfaces in Sydney. From epoxy coatings to polishing and sealing, the concrete surface is modified at a microscopic level to improve durability and grip for all kinds of footwear, including solid and pneumatic tyres.

Without visibly changing the surface, your non-slip floor will look stunning and prevent accidental falls.

All products are applied by licensed and insured experts. We take a personalised approach to meet your Residential, Commercial or Industrial needs. Whether your project is big or small, Cobblecrete Australia is fully-equipped to handle even the toughest jobs with a ‘can-do- approach that cannot be matched.

For free advice on non-slip flooring in Sydney, call 1300 784 002.

Benefits of Anti-Slip Coating for Sydney

  • No Visible Changes to the Surface

    Maintain the existing look and feel of your concrete and enjoy the added safety of a non-slip surface. Each treatment is colourless and transparent and blends in seamlessly with any style of architecture.

  • Zero Disruption

    In Sydney, non-slip flooring can be applied during business hours without disrupting your home life or business. Cobblecrete Australia works discreetly to get the job done right and with utmost respect to your privacy, property and business. If you wish, work can be done outside of business hours too.

  • Powerful Slip Resistance

    Before the job starts, the team carries out a few tests to choose the right level of friction based on the environment, surface type and other factors. This will ensure the surface meets the required safety standards and can handle the correct type of traffic.

  • Longer Lifespan

    Enjoy your concrete flooring for longer. With improved resistance to traffic flow, harsh weather and other environmental factors, your non-slip floor will maintain its pristine look and prevent accidental slippage – with very little maintenance.

  • Guaranteed Results

    All anti-clip treatment applied by Cobblecrete Australia come with a satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the final results, the team will gladly resolve your issue within the specific warranty terms.

Prevent Accidental Slips and Falls

In any business, accidental falls are a major hazard that can cause serious injury and cost the business a fortune in associated costs. From personal injury claims, to potential lawsuits and lost hours due to time off work – they can financially cripple any business.

With non-slip flooring, you can protect your employees from accidental falls and avoid the stress of a costly claim. Cobblecrete Australia will be happy to provide a custom solution to meet your business needs at the best cost and timeframe.

For all your non-slip flooring needs, look no further than Cobblecrete Australia. Contact us today for free advice on 1300 784 002. For a quick response, fill out the online form and the team will get back to you.