The polished concrete floors Sydney and Cobblecrete Australia difference

Polished concrete floors Sydney and Cobblecrete Australia are masters in concrete polishing across the Sydney metropolitan region. Concrete and stone polishing is a thousand year old tradition passed down by our ancestors, it not only provides stunning aesthetics, its high-lustre finish has a protective and hard wearing coating that will last for decades. Being able to imitate various finishes like stone, marble, granite and tile, the client may opt to have any look they desire. Polished concrete floors never need waxing or re-coating and provide a highly durable surface that’s resistant to spills and an corrosive environment. More and more commercial centers from Bunnings to Masters and other major retailers have quickly adopted polished concrete in their premises as they provide an attractive and non slip surface as well as being a cost effective option to their interior decoration. Not only are commercial spaces adopting polished concrete in their premises, the residential market have greatly adopted polished concrete bringing that gorgeous commercial style into their homes increasing the look, feel and value of their properties. Absolutely stunning!

So you’ve heard about its durability and ability to absolutely transform the space and atmosphere of any property? What about its ease of application and just how durable is Cobblecrete’s polished concrete floors Sydney?

Concrete floors and slabs are pretty much the standard foundation of most dwellings from commercial to industrial and residential. This creates for the opportunity to apply a concrete polishing solution to greatly transform any space improving the aesthetics to an absolutely stunning level. Polished concrete requires a certain skilled technique to carefully diamond grind the existing substrate new or old to a porous surface. With a combination of grinding and prepping the substrate, along with a combination of penetrating chemical hardeners and compounds, sealers are then applied to the substrate. Additional polishing compounds are implemented to further enhance the look. A client may wish to have various colours and effects applied to the concrete finish.  Please contact Cobblecrete Australia for examples and more information.

Ok, so how does Cobblecrete Australia guarantee its services, what’s Cobblecrete Australia’s secret to polished concrete floors Sydney?

With 30 years experience and 1000’s of past clients, Cobblecrete Australia have the knowledge and experience to carry out small to very large projects. We have been in the industry long enough to know what products produce the best results. Our workers are certified in all aspects of concrete resurfacing technologies. Cobblecrete Australia believes to achieve a high end finish, a concrete floor must be properly repaired, prepared and washed before any type of polish or sealer is applied. Cobblecrete Australia are focused on customer satisfaction, high quality finishes and cost effective solutions for their clients.

Need more questions answered? Feel free to contact Cobblecrete Australia on 0414 784 550 or click HERE and fill out our contact us form and we’ll get right back to you!

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