Spray On Paving Sydney

Cobblecrete transforms ordinary plain concrete into a beautiful practical surface that looks like stone, slate, brick or tile. Our product of choice, Spraycrete, offers higher strength properties than conventional concrete amd is more flexible and durable. The finished surface is finished with a coating of Superseal acrylic sealer to provide high abrasion resistance and an easy to clean surface. Spraycrete coloured cement coatings offer an attractive and durable finish at an affordable cost, making it the perfect choice for both commercial and residential installations and for both interior and exterior use.

Custom Spray on Paving

Stylish, Durable and Custom Spray on Paving The Cobblecrete system can transform the largest area of unsightly concrete into a stunning feature area inside a single day.

The application process is extremely quick and easy, so you can enjoy the end result sooner. We transform areas of concrete to deliver the full aesthetic appeal of conventional paving or tiling at a fraction of that cost. Our highly efficient system requires less labour in laying, and just a few materials. Compared to other paving options, you can make huge savings using Spraycrete as applied by a Cobblecrete professional.

Concrete resurfacing Sydney

Slip-reducing spray on concrete resurfacing for Sydney homes & businesses with a focus on safety

Cobblecrete can also be applied to produce a slip reducing surface over the concrete slab. Enjoy increased safety on wet days and on poolside applications, or simply transform that unsightly concrete area into an attractive feature.

With complete flexibility, you can create the perfect decorative paving for both home and commercial applications. We offer a complete colour range and combinations, paving styles, features and bordering finishes. Elaborate patterns, bordered edges and mixed colouring are affordable and easy. You can even incorporate customized patterns and features including street numbers or even a company logo!

The Cobblecrete surface is extremely hard-wearing and is treated against discoloration and fading with a special sealant top coat. It’s easy to clean, will handle the highest traffic loads and maintain its full appeal year after year.